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Rekha Rodwittiya’s Matters of the Heart

By Jigna Padhiar Photography: Courtesy Sakshi Gallery

Revisiting histories, Indian artist Rekha Rodwittiya’s latest exhibition makes for apt social commentary in current times…

“Feminine space of survival” is an area that many an enquiring artist has engaged with. Layered with critical narratives involving self in relation to the larger world, renowned Indian artist Rekha Rodwittiya’s latest exhibition at the Sakshi Gallery in Mumbai,
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aptly reflects her long-time muse – feminist articulation – in a compendium titled ‘Matters of the Heart’.

Using a monumental female Moncler Outlet Online Store figure as the central focus of her canvases,
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the artist dots her protagonist with a full-bodied frontal view, distinguished and arresting in demeanour, often lone, unrelentingly gazing at the viewer. And she continues to stand tall – irrespective of the many representations –torture,
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betrayal, and celebration… from indignance to softer emotional hues… her colour palette veering from one end of the spectrum to the other to convey the ethos.

Synonymous with the title, the paintings in this exhibition have the protagonist’s bodies detailed with personal histories in the form of autobiographical photo images, which have been superimposed by watercolours. This set of paintings marks the comeback of photographic images,
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as the artist picks up the camera after almost three decades.

Metaphorical objects from the everyday, Cheap Moncler Down held in the hands of the protagonists, take the viewers attention to the actions and the meanings and associations that these objects might carry in the life of the artist and are open to interpretation to the viewers. The viewer becomes witness to many a histories, desires and memories, at the same time confronting his/her own.

The works of art powerfully define Rekha’s feminist political engagement yet again. One can get distracted… are the photographic images creating the female form or is the body holding these images together? While deep within, a small voice questions much beyond this scenario – the current status of women in the Indian society.

Medium: Digital Inkjet print with autobiograhic photo images and hand-painted watercolour on Paper Dates: Dec.5-31, 2013 Venue: Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai to view images click on inditerrain.indiaartndesign

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Things to Consider when Choosing a Granite Supplier

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One of the most popular options for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms is granite. When homeowners decide to give their home a makeover and have granite countertops installed, it’s important to work with the best granite suppliers in Atlanta to ensure that they get the best slabs for the job. When looking for granite slabs, here are 4 things to look for.


In most kitchens or bathrooms, people find slabs that are 2 to 3 centimeters thick. If they want something thicker, they may need to specially order it. As far as the other dimensions to consider, most Moncler Down Jackets people need about 55 square feet of granite. The slabs need to be approximately 9 to 10 feet in length and 6 to 7 feet in width.


One of the reasons that people love using granite is that there are so many color options to choose from. There are slabs with blue, yellow, red,
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black, pink, green, brown,
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purple, and a mixture of other colors. There are lots of different shades and hues to check out. The color options tend to differ based on the location of the quarry, but there are lots of variations in the stone, Moncler Down Coat which is why it’s so important to check out the slabs in person as much as possible.


The price depends on how rare the particular stone is and the fabrication. One of the rarest types of granite is St. Cecelia, so it tends to be the most expensive. Fabrication refers to the process of fitting material to the counter. In order to determine the price then, measurements need to be taken of the kitchen. If homeowners are planning on having the granite professionally installed, they should have the professionals measure the counter to ensure that they get enough slabs to cover the entire space.

Polished Edges

During the installation process, homeowners need to decide how they want their edges to look. Some of the most popular options include rounded, slightly rounded and slightly bull nose, full bull nose, dupont, and cove dupont. Homeowners should talk to their installers and Moncler Kids Size Chart choose one based on their personal preferences.

Granite suppliers in Atlanta can help homeowners determine which slabs to use in a home makeover. They can find the slab to match their kitchen or bathroom that will look great and last for many years to come.

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Can Someone Help Me Write my Essay?

Essay is one type of assignments that you always received from your professors. Although the word count is not so much compared with the term paper, research study, etc,
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writing an excellent essay is difficult. In order to prepare a good essay,
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college students need to deliver the messages effectively through excellent English, precise wording, and systematic layout. For college students with limited time and experience, they are hardly to write such essay. It is high time for you to hire someone to write my essay for me. Specialized Writers The writers from the writing companies are specialized in English, engineering, psychology and other subjects. Therefore, the question of “write my essay” is not difficult to them. When you placed the order to the companies,
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you are suggested to provide the clear essay requirements to them. The writers can help to evaluate and provide the first draft to you shortly. With the experienced and skilled writers, you shall not expect to receive bad paper. If you are not satisfied with the work, the companies are willing to return Moncler Sale Online the money to you. Other Services If you wish to write essay yourself, but you would like to have someone provides the guidance to you, the writing companies are pleased to offer such services. At the start of the essay, you always have difficulties in narrow down your work. Equipped with the professional writers, they are competent to provide such guidance to you. If you have already completed your essay, you can still ask for help to proofread and edit your essays. The writing companies can even help you handle the boring formatting. Affordable Rates The service providers understand that college students have tight budget. Therefore, they are willing to offer the affordable rates to you. However, please note that if you need the paper urgently, the price shall be expensive. Therefore, time management is important for you to save money. When you are completing the online order Moncler Online Shop form, please specify the topics of the essays, number of pages you need, and the expected date of delivery. Therefore, the service providers can provide free quote to you.

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Unique Gifts For Every Occasion

A personalized gift is the most thoughtful present you can give. Nothing compares to that unforgettable moment when you watch your loved one unwrap the unique gift you made just for them. Personalized gifts are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, create new loving memories and to help you show your loved ones just how much they mean to you in a way they’ll treasure forever. Personalization Mall offers unique gifts Moncler Women Vests for every occasion and with a wide selection of gifts that are exclusively designed by us, you know your gift will be as unique as the person you are giving it to.

Valentine’s Day is February 14th and thanks to our wide selection of Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts, you can make PMall your one-stop shop for Personalized Gifts from the Heart!
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If you’re looking for unique, creative and special Valentine’s Day ideas, you’ve come to the right place! There’s no better way to say I love you than with a heartfelt gift personalized with your names, a Valentine’s Day quote or poem or even photos of you and your Valentine! Find a personalized Gift For Him or Her that’s as timeless as your love or find something extra special like one of our Personalized Whimsical Gifts that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your significant Moncler Outlet Store other!

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers – we also have a wide selection of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids,
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which is full of adorable gift ideas for the little loves of your life. Send your kids to their school party in our personalized Valentine’s Day kids’ apparel and let them pick out their favorite personalized Valentine or gift to send to their Grandparents!
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No matter who you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Moncler Kids Wear Day, you’re sure to find the perfect gift on our “Gifts From The Heart” Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Here at Personalization Mall, we also have unique gifts for every day and all kinds of recipients. We offer a huge selection of personalized picture frames and personalized coffee mugs that are great as gifts or can be purchased as a treat for you! We also offer a wide array of personalized romantic Moncler Kids 2015 gifts for that every day celebration of love! From kids’ gifts to pet gifts, you will find it all at Personalization Mall! No matter the occasion, Personalization Mall will help you give a unique gift with meaning.

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continue to lose weight oh braved the risk

Smart alternative: soy milk and low-fat Moncler Vest Women milkThey can minimize the calories,
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and they taste rich milk flavor, moist texture can be comparable with the ice cream.Bonus points: rich in fiber,
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can destroy the bacterial content of the human body, helps the body absorb calcium and iron.sugar-free soda: may contain ingredients lead to heart diseaseOne study showed that sugar-free soda may be associated with heart disease, but not sure what kind of sugar-free soda ingredients lead to the occurrence of heart disease. But I believe that no one will continue to lose weight oh braved the risk of heart disease.
The clever substitution: distilled waterIt contains 0 calories, contains no artificial additives. Or selection of freshly squeezed juice, add distilled water Black Jackets For Women in the freshly squeezed juice is also a very good choice!Bonus points: water has a key role in bodily functions, select the freshest water can keep the body in high moist state.baked potato chips: because no top satiety,
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about to eat a lot ofYes, their fat content is not high, but still contain high calories and nutritional value is not high. Baked potato chips do not contain little fiber Well, eat a lot and still do not feel full.The clever substitution: popcorn
Your intake of salt and heat also get the fiber, and the cup of popcorn contains 65% fewer calories than a baked potato chips. You can choose the microwave popcorn grilled, fried in olive oil instead of peanut oil.Bonus points: popcorn contains more whole grains, more in line with the definition of healthy food.Gummy: fructose syrup leads to obesityThis candy containing fruit juice, as well as add saccharin vitamin. It is said to to eat gummy face-lift,
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but it also contains fructose syrup, often lead to obesity.Smart alternative: fresh fruit, dried fruitThey contain saturated fiber, is gummy lack of nutrients.Bonus points: the fruit is rich in antioxidants, can make your body younger, enhance metabolism.

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HARMAN To Acquire S1nn Automotive Software and Services Developer

STAMFORD, Conn. – HARMAN International Industries (NYSE:HAR), the premier audio, visual, infotainment and enterprise automation group, today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire S1nn GmbH & Co. KG, an innovative developer of infotainment systems, connectivity and car audio solutions. This transaction is subject to regulatory and other approvals. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Founded in 2004 and based in Stuttgart, Germany, S1nn Moncler Down Jackets provides a range of technology and system integration solutions and software application services to top tier automotive companies, such as Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Tesla Motors. “This acquisition will expand HARMAN’s value proposition to automakers and strengthen our world-class engineering capabilities with the addition of a talented team from S1nn,” said Dinesh C. Paliwal, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, HARMAN. “S1nn’s suite of customizable solutions is an excellent addition to our portfolio, advancing our efforts to create a seamless, safe and secure connected car experience.”

With approximately 100 employees, S1nn possesses advanced capabilities in Infotainment and Automotive Services, including HTML-5 based multi-display head unit solutions, mobile device integration, and car audio systems. The S1nn team will be integrated into HARMAN’s Infotainment division, led by Sachin Lawande.

More than 80 percent of the world’s luxury vehicles feature HARMAN automotive technologies, such as Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Hyundai, Lexus,
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Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Toyota. With a $20.5 billion automotive backlog on June 30, 2014, the Company provides in-car solutions that integrate navigation, multimedia,
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premium entertainment, on-board and off-board connectivity, active safety Women Ultra Light Down Jacket systems, and system security. In 2013, the global research and consulting firm Frost and Sullivan awarded HARMAN the title of global industry leader for in-vehicle infotainment.

Press contact: Darrin Shewchuk, 203-328-3500 Director, Corporate Communications HARMAN darrin.shewchuk@harman

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Get the chance that is awesome distributed by the Arizona Moncler Outlet Usa money lenders that are hard

Everyone needs their home that is very own. It’s everyone’s desire wherever they are able to enhance the entire home because they need to possess their desire home. However it does impossible for everybody to supply a large amount of cash regarding satisfying their desires at the same time. Why the mortgage program was created that’s. Through the cash mortgage program, individuals could make their workplace structures or industrial property structures through these loans or are now able to purchase their desire homes.

Factual statements about hard-money

Hard-money mortgage is actually an asset-based monetary mortgage which safeguards the borrower’s money. Why below the rates of interest are greater than the traditional one’s although most of these loans usually consider less period and also have a Moncler Outlet Store large danger that’s. Most of these loans individuals could possibly get from companies or the personal creditors. Arizona money creditors that are hard are creditors or these sectors who’ll supply the hard-money loans in reduced prices to you.

Essential things about hard money lenders Arizona

You need to examine cautiously the printing carefully. It’ll enable you receive scammed or period of period of the mortgage etc to understand when the primary quantity possibly growing or dropping or, or possibly you.

Spend frequently each time. The mortgage could be reduced should you choose not spend in a normal method. In these cases,
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their houses can be occasionally lost by individuals also.

Individuals must evaluate the loans supplied by Arizona hard-money lenders and another loans. May will be assured by this assessment of getting loans from Arizona about your benefits.

Arizona hard-money lenders will give you the loans in reduced prices to individuals.

Arizona money loan that is hard is really a property mortgage. Within this type of loans, in Arizona,
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individuals authorized the loans in small-time, and may commit a reduced amount of cash. Below individuals are being provided by just Arizona along side these a low-range of rate of interest also. Reduced quantity of downpayment,
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the reduced rate of interest that will be usually getting this type of hard-money loans and individuals a great deal are becoming remarkably popular in Arizona.

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Parkside Steel – One of the Leading Steel Stockholders in the UK

For customers who are seeking nothing less than one of the most comprehensive Steel Stockholders UK, there is no need for them to look any further than Parkside Steel. Our product range is almost unrivalled, encompassing Bright and Black, Carbon & Alloy Engineering Steels, in addition to general steels including merchant bar, plates, sheets and hollow sections.

We offer steel products in all manner of shapes, grades and sizes – precisely what you would expect from one of the premier steel stockholders in the UK. You may turn to us for black carbon and alloy steel rounds, for instance, or for bright carbon steel flats or squares. We also stock mild steel in angles (both equal and unequal), flats,
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plates, cold reduced sheet, tapered & parallel 2013 Moncler Coats Women flange channels,
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tee sections, square edge convex and a comprehensive range of other forms.

Parkside Steel doesn’t just specialize in only stockholding – indeed, we also have one of the country’s finest processing facilities, which allows us to offer accurately cut to size pieces to our customers, whenever they require them and at a competitive price. You might request a single piece from us,
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or batches of thousands of pieces – whatever your specific requirements; our formidable skills and resources enable us to fulfill them.

As a matter of fact, almost anything in our range can be cut to size in this way, which is one more reason why we really are the most renowned Steel Suppliers in the UK. Since our establishment in 1978, when we identified a gap in the market for a stockist responding to the widest range of customer needs, we have come to be associated with a highly reliable service, delivered by the most dedicated staff.

Engineers and maintenance staff alike have long known that we are the ultimate reliable, flexible and expert source of all things steel. A further signal of our quality is our certification from the immensely respected British Standards Institution (BSI). It demonstrates that Parkside Steel uses only reputable mills and offers traceability on all material,
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as is essential in an industry that emphasizes the utmost precision.

With our broader range of services including everything from cutting and delivery to centreless grinding and external testing, Parkside Steel is well-placed to cater for your most demanding needs from steel Moncler Outlet Sale products.

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Best Moncler Discount Uk Dell Inspiron 1520 batteries

Battery type: Genuine Original Battery Capacity: 85Wh,56Wh,
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6600mAh Voltage:11.1V Cells: 9,6 30 days money back,One year warranty Low price guarantee! 30 days money back!

We offer a complete line of replacement Dell batteries and compatible replacements for almost all laptop models. All of our replacement Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop batteries are made with high quality safe parts and are guaranteed to meet or even exceed the original manufacturers specifications.

Dell Inspiron 1520 battery Compatible Models: Inspiron 1721 battery,Inspiron 1520 battery,
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Vostro 1700 battery,Vostro 1500 battery,Inspiron 1720 battery,Inspiron 1521 battery

Laptop batteries tips:

Can’t turn on laptop caused by the battery problem Laptop Moncler Outlet Store batteries could cause failure of turning on a laptop easily. Try to turn battery off and turn on laptop through the outside electrical source when laptop can’t turn on and all the indicator light if off. Why laptop battery can’t charge to 100%? Gernally speaking,
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batteries for laptop can’t charge to 100% belongs to the display problem but not the battery fault. After adjust the electricity display 1-2 times,it will show correctly. Weather laptop battery life will be cut down when battery hasn’t run out and is charged? Battery life is generally computed by the times of full charge.Lithium battery usual have 300-400 times and once is defined charge it up to 80%-90%. So don’t be worried

Dell Inspiron 1520 battery Specificaions: Moncler Outlet

1. Grade A Li-ion cells. 2. Brand new and 100% OEM Compatible. 3. Reliable power with no memory effect. 4. Lithium Ion technology gives Dell Inspiron 1520 battery a long life, and light weight. 5. Full 1 year warranty.30-day money back guarantee!
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Buy now at

About Us is a distributor specializing in laptop battery replacement, Camera battery replacement, Solar battery and charger. We have a group of experienced technical experts who can provide free service to your question or problem about our products. You can order products for delivery right to home in our website and have exciting shopping experience.

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Fine dining experience at Bangalore’s top restaurants

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Highly prized and rarely found, edible Truffles are often called “diamonds of the kitchen.” Truffles are Moncler On Sale special. It is one of the top restaurant in Bangalore.

Look back on “prized” memories, as you wistfully remember those wonderful college days, leisurely idling hours away at local hangouts! Stop by at “Truffles” on St. Marks Road, for a leisurely walk down memory lane, for here is a college hangout / bistro masquerading as a restaurant, exuding not just a casual ambience, but also good food, incessant chatter and bonhomie. What makes Truffles truly popular with the young and swish set is the fact that it’s perfectly affordable!

Spartan in decor, the accent at “Truffles” is on a casual atmosphere and good food. Bustling waiters, attentive service and a general sense of good cheer set this resto cafe apart from the rest. Invariably packed with a young, gushing clientele, expect to wait for a table at any Moncler Jackets On Sale given time or day! The top-of-the-picks at “Truffles” include steaming mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows, hot dogs, smoothies-to-die-for, subs, sandwiches, juicy burgers, pastas, steaks, augratin and more.

Their burgers get the thumbs up from us! Take your pick from lamb, fish, steak, chicken, crispy chicken,
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cheese, veg patty, cottage cheese and even a tandoori chicken burger. Amongst the sandwiches the chicken club sandwich stands out with its generous portions of chicken, chicken salami, fried egg and jalapenos. For the die-hard rice eaters there’s Thai red curry and steamed rice and the steak freaks must-try the Indonesian steak with a demi-glace of crushed peanuts, garlic and jalapenos.

For the more sophisticated there’s a choice of chicken Strogan off with a hint of herbs, classic fish n’chips, baked chicken Bavarois, vegetables Cacciatore, chicken Cordon Bleu, Olive Blasta Pasta and chicken Marengo. And finally, a slice of chocolate marble cheesecake, a tall glass of blue berry shake, a scoop of raspberry and chocolate fantasy,
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Irish coffee served with swirls of ice cream or a frozen hazelnut latte will definitely make you want to come back for more.